Can I make a Gmail account without phone verification?

Google has introduced multiple security measures to protect user’s email accounts from the hackers and to control the creation of spam accounts. There are users who are associated with multiple Gmail accounts. That’s why; this tech giant requests the users to provide a phone number while creating an account. And a mobile number is restricted in the total number of accounts associated with it. However, there are ways for those users who have problems providing mobile numbers for creating new Gmail accounts. We have made meticulous research on this area and come with some of the genuine ways to create Google accounts without phone verification. Check out how to make a Gmail account without phone verification

Change your computer's IP address

Making the use of a proxy is a great way to deal with the concerned. If you change the IP address of your computer via a proxy server, you may get around the mobile number verification dilemma. All activities are routed through that server whenever you start your computer. Interestingly, it is not possible for Google to track you beyond the proxy server you have used.

Make the use of IP proxy services

Making the use of an IP proxy service could be an excellent way for you in this regard. You may prefer to use Proxify, Kproxy, and Anonymous IP proxy services if you are looking forward to changing your IP address as it is needed for creating multiple Gmail accounts.

Make the use of free texting service

Web-based texting service such as Mysms, Textfree Web, and Text+ can help you by providing a web-based phone number. This number is responsive and a genuine answer to your question, how to make a Gmail account without phone verification. You may use such phone numbers for receiving your Gmail account verification code. Such phone numbers behave like real phone numbers and will receive the 6-digit verification code sent by Google.

Read the CAPTCHA text

Google asks for a phone number and sends a set of CAPTCHA characters to the user as a safeguard against the spammers. If you are filling up the CAPTCHA field, you may skip the step of providing a phone number. However, providing a phone number is not mandatory for you if you are reading the CAPTCHA characters well and providing the field properly.

Clear browsing data

Google logs the information like IP address and computer OS when you are making the first Gmail account. If you are using the same computer for creating multiple accounts in a short span of time, Google raises a red flag for you which insist you in providing a mobile number. To cope with this situation, you may remove all browsing data such as passwords, cookies, and browsing history. You can do this by navigating to your browser's privacy settings.

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