Google Voice Search is Not Working, How to Fix?

How to troubleshoot Ok Google Voice Search if it’s not working?

Google Voice Search is not working on an Android device. Are you a victim of this issue? If yes, we invite you to go through our tutorial which is enriched with some simple fixes. The Google Assistant is not responding you maybe because the language of given command is not recognizable. You must know that the US English is the default language for a great number of users. So, the first thing you are suggested to do is to check the language settings.

Is your language settings correct?

Open the Google app and navigate to its menu
Go to the SETTINGS window
Open SEARCH and click on VOICE
Find your language from the VOICE menu and select it
If necessary, select primary and secondary languages
Save the changes

Is your microphone functional?

May be Google Voice Search not working because of the defective or non-functional microphone on your phone. The performance of Google Assistant significantly relies on microphone as it is a voice-based system. You will find the microphone icon on the right-hand side of the search bar. It is non-functional if it doesn’t appear bold, with fully-formed lines.

Are you alone?

Google Voice Search may not work correctly if the voice is not clearly audible. So, you are recommended to check whether the command is coming from one person or more than one. Make sure, a single person is giving the command.

Retrain your device  

1. Open the SETTINGS window in your Google Assistant
2. Here you need to select Google
3. Click on SEARCH and select VOICE
4. Check whether the access with Voice Match is turned on or not
5. Retrain the Voice Model
6. Repeat Hey Google and Ok Google when you are prompted to do so
7. It will resolve your issue for sure

Disable Bixby or S Voice

Are you using a Samsung device? If yes, you must know that the Google Assistant is not compatible with Bixby or the older S Voice app every single occasion. Disable the Bixby or S Voice app now if your Samsung device is blessed with this feature. Remember, the feature is not bad. Your issue, Google Voice Search not working, is related to its compatibility.

Update the Google app

1. Open this link in your web browser
3. Here you will see the green colored UPDATE icon
4. Click on it
5. Are you are getting INSTALLED instead of the UPDATE icon?
6. If yes, your Google app is already updated

Is your Google Assistant turned on?

Check whether the Google Assistant is turned on or not. It is another simple way to deal with Google Voice Search if it is not working on your Android device. You have already turned it on if it says, HI, HOW CAN I HELP? In the opposite case, you need to press the HOME button to turn it on. 

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