How to install two or more monitors in Windows 10?

All graphics cards don’t allow multiple monitors even if Windows 10 is designed to use more than one monitor. By looking at the video output connections, you may determine whether your system recognizes the second monitor or not. Check out free video output port on the back of the desktop’s tower if you are using a desktop. You will be able to use the second monitor if you find one next to or directly above the port that is currently being used to connect your desktop to the primary monitor. If your laptop is with a video output port, such as DisplayPort, HDMI, or USB-C, you are open to using the second monitor.

What are the essentials of using multiple monitors?

Make sure your laptop or desktop supports a second monitor if you want to know the answer to the question, how to set up multiple monitors in Windows 10. Well, most monitors/modern computers use HDMI or DisplayPort cables. You may find a VGA connector, which is colored and has a trapezoid-shaped output if your monitor is old. It is good for you to use a cable that fits both the connections if you have a free video output connection. Buy an adapter cable or unit if your computer is using a different connection than your monitor.

What are the steps of configuring multiple monitors in Windows 10?

·      Place the second monitor on the right side of the primary monitor
·      You can place your second monitor anywhere if you are duplicating your primary monitor
·      Now you need to plug one end of the video cable to the video slot output of your computer
·      Then, plug the other end to the second monitor's video input slot
·      You will have to plug both the cables into adapter if you are using an adapter unit
·      Turn on the second monitor now
·      Go to the bottom right corner of your primary monitor
·      Click on the WINDOWS logo
·      Go to the left-side corner of the START window
·      Click on the GEAR icon
·      Plus, click the laptop-shaped SYSTEM icon
·      Now you will need to go to the upper-left side of the DISPLAY page
·      Click on the DISPLAY tab
·      Go to the bottom of the page
·      Click MULTIPLE DISPLAYS drop-down box
·      Copy what on your primary screen to the second screen
·      You are supposed to black out the second monitor if you only want to display your primary monitor. Turn off your primary monitor if you only want to display your second monitor
·      Click on APPLY for saving the changes

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