How to Replace a Printhead in HP Printer?

Are facing some issues with your printer because of your damaged printhead? Then, you can try replacing your printhead in order to fix the printing issue. But, if you have no clue about the procedure on how to replace a printhead, then you can read out the article to get more information on this.

Well, changing the printhead for HP printers is not a tough task, but it is recommended that you follow the instructions carefully to avoid other problems. Besides, a customer can also reach out to HP support for desired assistance to change HP printer printhead.

Procedure to change printhead for HP printers:

Note: Before following this procedure, remove your old printhead.

  • For replacing a printhead, you need to open the cartridge access door.
  • Then, press the tab present in the front of the cartridge and pull it out.
  • Repeat the same procedure for all cartridges and lift the latch on the printhead.
  • After that, remove the printhead already inserted in the slot.
  • Then, you are required to remove the new cartridges and printhead from the package.
  • Further, hold printhead from both the directions keeping the electrical nozzles towards the rear of your HP printer.
  • After that, put back the new printhead by replacing the old one.
  • Thereafter, you are required to move latch handle downward.

And with the completion of this process, your printhead is replaced properly.

Hence, next time whenever you need to change printhead for your HP printer, follow this simple process and easily fix this issue.

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