Learn Simple Method to Update Windows 10 in HP Laptop, PC and Computer

Know about the ways to update Windows 10 in HP laptop/computer

Windows 10 is an updated version of the Windows 8.1 series. It is used as computer operating systems in laptops and desktops. It is developed by Microsoft. This version can be used in HP laptops and desktops.

There is an option of updating the existing windows to Windows 10 (latest version). The system will give the option of automatic update once the existing version windows will receive an upgrade. But if the user does not want to wait till the automatic update, it can be done manually also. For the manual downloading and installing the update of Windows 10, few steps can be followed. Before installing any update, the user needs to create a backup of the important files and folders. The backup is required because there is a risk of losing the files as it is an update to operating system of laptop or computer. If the user faces an issue in case of how to update Windows 10, then read this article and fix your issues ASAP. The downloading and installing of the Windows can be done manually also, it will involve the below listed steps:

  • The user can download the update for the 64-bit system. The ISO image can be directly downloaded from the official website of Microsoft.
  • In case, the user has the older version of computer which has 32-bit system, the ISO file is also available for the update of the existing windows to Windows 10.
  • The user can download the ISO files. Once it is downloaded, it can be changed to a burnt CD and then is put on a portable USB device.
  • The bootable device can be made by using the option of Microsoft Windows USB/ DVD download tool.
  • Once these mentioned steps are carried out and completed, then the user needs to load up the file and then instructions should be followed to install the Windows 10 update.

For Windows update using the update assistant, the below listed steps can be followed:

  • The user needs to open the website of Microsoft support in the web browser.
  • Then, the Update Now button is clicked in order to start the process.
  • In order to start, the file saying Windows 10 upgrade needs to be double-clicked.
  • After that, the Update Now button is again clicked.
  • The user then confirms that the computer/laptop is compatible with the new version of Windows.
  • Finally, the Restart Now button needs to be clicked.

Another way is there for the installation of update is with the Media creation tool. Below listed are the ways:

  • The user needs to open the support website of Microsoft in the web browser that is being used.
  • The button saying Download tool now is clicked for the process to start.
  • The file named Media creation tool with exe extension is double-clicked to process.
  • Then, the Accept button needs to be clicked for accepting the terms and conditions of Microsoft.
  • Finally, the option saying Upgrade this PC now is selected and the process is completed.

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