How can I create a Google (Gmail) account without giving a phone number during the registration process?

Create Your Gmail or Google Account Without Using Your Mobile Number

Creating Gmail account is not a tough task. User just need to fill a form and then to follow steps , further agreeing the terms and the conditions of Google and the account is created. The phone number is not essential so user can always skip this.  Although , the phone number is required at the time of password recovery if lost or for setting up two way verification. This way user can protect his account from hacking.

If user is trying to  create more than one Gmail account from the same IP address then it is essential to provide the phone number.  Google will ask for the phone verification. This is all for the account safety purpose to avoid spammers and this way Google can keep a check on suspicious accounts. If still user don't want to provide phone number then he should first delete the History from the browser, clear all the cookies and caches and then create another Gmail account. Then create a new account.

User can also download the emulator and then create a gmail account using this. Here user can skip the column for phone number. User can any time create Gmail account without phone number but it is also advisable to provide the phone number for the safety and security of the account. User can provide an alternate email id for the verification if he lost his password or the account get hacked or blocked.

How do i make another gmail account?

Effective solution to create new gmail account

·      User is required to have quick access to gmail account
·      User is required to hit click o create account option that appears on sceen
·      Furthermore, user is required to enter first and last name,gender, phone number, country code, country , date of birth in desired field
·      Once done, user is required to enter captcha code in proper manner
·      User is required to enter email address and password in authentic manner.
·      Now user is required to properly agree terms and privacy conditions of gmail in swift manner. Once done, hit click on agree option
·      User is required to hit click on blue color create option

·      Account is ready to send and receive email in cost effective manner


  1. Google implements numerous security measures to prevent the opening of spam accounts and keep your email safe from hackers. If you need to create multiple accounts, Google requests that you associate the account with a mobile phone number, and that number is restricted in the total number of accounts you can associate with it.

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