Comcast email not working, what to do?

Comcast email not working, what to do?

Comcast email is a very top-notch email service provides which is best known for its error-free mailing services. But sometimes many situations come when users confront problems when accessing their Comcast email account. There could be the varied reason behind the not working problem of Comcast email and it never means that you can’t fix this problem. If you are a new user and don’t know how to fix this problem, then you can very easily avail the instant solutions after reading this article.

How to fix Comcast email is not working?

If you want to fix not working problem of Comcast email, then you can follow the below steps that can help to fix it:
·        Make sure that you are working on an active internet connection because sometimes bad internet connectivity also caused these sorts of problems.
·        Check your email setting on your device where you are trying to access your Comcast email account. You can check your IMAP and POP settings and then update into the correct one if possible.
·        If you are accessing your email account via Wi-Fi, then move to the Cellular data and then use your Comcast email account.

With these above-described steps, Comcast email not working problem can be fixed in a very simple way.

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