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Slovenia’s largest airline, ie Adria Airways, ceased operations in September 2019. It was formed in 1961 and served more than 40 domestic and international destinations worldwide. But you can get similar roots and cheaper flights to connect.
Adria Airways is the provider of airline services for all types of national and international flights, they have a very good service both for travel and for booking ticket service. Adria airlines are one of the airlines that offer many other services with the reservation of air tickets such as:

  • Hotel and room reservation
  • Transport reservation
  • All kinds of customer service.

Adria Airlines Company History and Travel

Adria began its existence as a charter company in 1961. During the 1980s, the airline introduced services on scheduled routes and also became a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The airline was a member of the stellar alliance, carrying up to 1.2 million passengers in 2018 and up to 469,227 passengers in 2003. Some of the operations were scheduled and others were charter services. Adria Airways had a primary hub in Ljubljana and secondary hubs in the Albanian and immaculate capital in Kosovo.

Adria Airways had codeshare agreements with other airlines, including Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Austria, Air France, Air Canada, Singapore Airlines, Air India, Swiss International Airlines, Aeroflot, and more. This race had over 170 flights in one week from Ljubljana to major European destinations including Lodz, Istanbul, Pristina, Maribor, London, Frankfurt and more.

Booking and booking of Adria Airways flights

The Adria airlines have their flights and services with Germany and the United Kingdom and with their toll-free number they support all kinds of queries that a customer may have about the reservation of tickets or any other service.

For all questions and information, you can contact us using the contact information below. Our friendly staff will be happy to give you all the answers you need.


The main destinations associated with Adria Airway charter flights in the Mediterranean are mainly based on the season. Adria Airline offered scheduled services from its main hubs located in Ljubljana along with some minor routes from Tirana and Pristina. Other airports are Athens, Sarajevo, and Skopje.

Some of the Adria Flight destinations are:

Belgium France
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Frequent flyer program associated with Adria Airway

Two loyalty programs were associated with Adria Airways for business and private travelers called Miles & More and Adria Corporate Card, respectively.

The Adria Airways flight:

The growth of other national low-fare airlines hit Adria Airways. During 2016, the company fought hard to improve its economic condition. They even faced complications in the daily running of the business with an insufficient amount to pay their dues. The airline was officially revealed to have gone bankrupt on September 30, 2019, and filed for bankruptcy, prompting the company to cancel all of its scheduled flights.

Travel cabin classes:

Adria Airways had two classes: business and economy. His business class within Europe, like any other, only had the middle-empty seat with fairly narrow legroom. However, the CRJs had seats in a 2-2 configuration with better legroom. Adria used the airport lounge on contract and offered food even on a short 70-minute flight with a good selection on the menu and drinks.

Andria Airways has been awarded first place in the airline category during the years 2017/2018. This award research program was carried out in the Slovenian market on the basis of the ICERTIAS International Certification Association.

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