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AirBaltic is a budget airline operating from Riga International Airport in Latvia, near the capital Riga. The airline was founded in August 1995 and made its first flight on October 1, 1995. The first aircraft that AirBaltic flew was a Saab 340 from Riga International Airport.

Cancellation policy of airBaltic airlines

  • Cancellation at airBaltic is processed in accordance with the airline’s cancellation policy. Important policy indicators are as follows:
  • The ticket can be canceled using the Manage my reservation option.
  • When a passenger requests a cancellation, the airline sends an email. By following the link and confirming the cancellation, the reservation is canceled.
  • All regular airline flights are non-refundable.
  • To obtain a free cancellation, a passenger can choose the travel insurance option.
  • If the airline cancels and does not offer an alternative flight, it will refund the full fare.
  • The cancellation fee is calculated according to the airline’s fare rules and varies depending on the route.
  • For more details on airBaltic’s cancellation policy, please contact the airline’s reservation center. The representatives will provide assistance for all inquiries and problems related to the airline. To contact the support team, use the contact details provided on the official airBaltic airline website.

AirBaltic Airline Refund Policy

  • If you want to make a cancellation, you can do it within 24 hours after purchasing the plane ticket without any cancellation fee. After 24 hours, a ticket will be canceled with a deduction from the cancellation fee and the remaining amount will be refunded to the original form of payment.
  • You must visit the official website for the refund processes. After changes or cancellation, there will be a refund option and from there it can be processed.
  • In the case of a 24-hour cancellation, the full amount will be automatically refunded to the original payment account.
  • If cancellation applies to the same-day departure flight, the cancellation fee is charged per person and a refund will be issued to the passenger’s Travel Bank. All fares to be reimbursed will be based on the cabin class of the travel reservation.

Baggage policy

Hand luggage

  • For basic or premium ticket: passengers can carry a cabin bag (55 * 40 * 20 cm) and 1 personal item (30 * 40 * 10 cm).
  • For VIP Business card or PINS: passengers can carry two cabin suitcases (55 * 40 * 20 cm) and 1 personal item (30 * 40 * 10 cm).
  • The maximum weight of the cabin bag and personal items for passengers with basic or premium tickets must not exceed 17.5 pounds. Additionally, personal items may include a purse, a camera bag, a laptop bag, and an umbrella.

Checked baggage

  • All Business Class passengers flying on airBaltic flights can carry 2 suitcases weighing no more than 88 pounds in total at no additional charge. While premium class passengers can carry a bag with a maximum weight of 44 pounds.
  • If any checked baggage exceeds the given weight, passengers must pay a baggage fee of EUR 50. This rate is applicable per bag, not per kg.
  • In case your checked baggage exceeds the maximum dimensions of 100 * 50 * 80 cm, an amount of EUR 60 will be imposed per one way trip.
  • Once you confirm your airBaltic reservations, be sure to check the exact details of the baggage policy, as it may vary depending on the selected route and the duration of the flight.

Air Baltic reservations number

If you need information about booking tickets. The entire procedure will be explained to you by professionals. Any other information you seek will also be provided to you. This line is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your call will be answered in no time. In some regions, the line may not be active on weekends.

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