Air Caraibes Flight Reservations

Make an Air Caraibes reservation and search for discounted Air Caraibes airline tickets.

  • Caraibes airlines are the only authentic website that offers you great deals and discounts on flights! If you are really in a hurry to book something better for yourself, even at a great discount, then you are on the right platform, Caraibes airlines understand your concern for Caraibes and are happy to have customers like you in the family.

Air Caraibes:

  • Air Caraibes airlines have been attending to their hospitality for the past few years. The main branch is located in Les Abymes, Guadalupe and the airlines started from the basics and somehow managed to make the alliance stellar.

History of Air Caraibes:

  • Air Caraibes is a French airline that started in 2000, operates regular and charter services serving 13 islands in the West Indies, and also operates transatlantic flights in Paris. The airline is owned by Groupe Dubreuil and there are almost 650 employees. However, let me tell you one thing: the airline started with the 2000 test, but was only taken into account after 2000.

Air Caraibes overview:

  • Caraibes has a codeshare agreement with Aigle Azur, Corsair International, and the French Bee. Its mission is to make your traveler’s journey wonderful, continually providing high standards at all stages through an extensive network of destinations. Air Caraïbes is the first French airline to connect the province and Belgium with the Caribbean from Paris. Only 4 thanks to TGV AIR and it also offers an air-sea link to/from the islands of Marie-Galante, Saintes and La Rochelle.

Air Caraibes destinations and centers:

  • Air Caraibes shares a codeshare agreement that allows more and more merged destinations to be included in its centers. They offer service in approximately 49 destinations and 5 centers where 3 are their own headquarters! Most of its duty stations include Air Canada, Saudi, etc. During the summer months, airlines operate five additional bases located in Rhodes, Corfu, Kos, Kalamata, and Chania.

Air Caraibes Specialty:

  • If you’re wondering what the specialty of Caraibes airlines is, you’re on the right platform! Caraibes airlines not only believe that their customers’ preferences should be in their previous list but also evaluate the form of hospitality they offer. You can’t resist the kind of hospitality they provide!

Air Caraibes baggage allowances:

  • If you travel in economy class, make sure that you cannot transport luggage of more than 8 kilograms and that the dimension must be well inside the heard cabin, and if you travel in business class, you cannot transport luggage of more than 8 kilograms. for both economy and business, it must be exact or less than 23 and 32 kilograms.

Food and drinks from Air Caraibes:

  • Air Caraibes Food: Airlines do not offer complimentary food or drinks with the ticket, you must purchase the same independently. Passengers will receive sealed packaged food prepared by specialized airline catering services.
  • Air Caraibes Drinks: Caraibes airways do offer alcohol, but there are certain rules that a person cannot consume to a certain level. However, drinks and beverages are not added to the price of your ticket. You must buy what you want to drink.
  • Air Caraibes Special Meals: If you want to eat something good or try the airline’s special meals, you must inform the service staff in advance, at least 24 hours in advance, about what you need to have all the related specifications.

Air Caraibes Reservation Booking

  • Go to the website’s booking API after opening the web browser.
  • Tap the Plan Trip option that is available at the top of the home page for you.
  • Select an option depending on the type of trip from the round trip, multi-trip or one-way trip.
  • Then start by entering the itinerary details such as departure date, arrival date, number of passengers, promotion code if applicable, etc. and tap Next
  • In the next step, the passenger must select the favorable flight from the list and then choose the cabin and seat.
  • Continuing, enter personal data such as name, contact number, address, etc. along with the payment method.
  • Confirm your reservation by completing the payment.
  • Check the mail for confirmation and luggage information.

Air Caraibes Phone Number

At the Air Caraibes reservation site, executives will listen to all your problems and provide you with quick and effective solutions. If you have to book a ticket online or want to know about the cancellation and refund policy, you can contact them by dialing the number. The Air Caraibes website is also quite useful. To make your airline trip more comfortable and enjoyable, you should check out the Air Caraibes review.

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