Brother Wireless Printer setup | How to connect Brother Printer to Wifi

connect Brother Printer to Wifi

Connecting a Brother printer to your computer or laptop is easy, but if you have a Brother wireless printer, it will be easier for you. Well, like other printers, Brother Printers also wants the configuration and access to printing. Without configuration, it would not be able to perform the print tasks on your operating system.

Choose the alternate power cord that comes with the Brother printer box and turn on the device. After that, turn on your computer or laptop whatever you use, then put the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. If the CD-ROM drive is not available, then the installation will be done automatically via the Internet.

A complete guide to setting up your Brother wireless printer

Setting up a Brother wireless printer is effortless. But still, it is good to get expert assistance. If we are not quite aware of the technology. Here are the complete steps for setting up your Brother wireless printer.

  • Press the Menu key on your printer.
  • Go to the Network Assistant Search for the wireless network.
  • Select WLAN Network
  • Select the wireless network and enter your password
  • Now that you are connected, use the printer to print with a wireless router.

If your Brother printer is not yet connected, follow the instructions:

  • Go to Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Device and Printers.
  • On the top-right Click Add a Printer
  • Add a printer driver
  • Select “Add Network, Wireless Printer, or Bluetooth” and click Next.
  • Now Windows will scan the printer and, if detected, select the printer and click Next.
  • If the printer is not listed, click “Printer not listed” and skip to add the printer by TCP / IP name or address.
  • We recommend that you add your printer using TCP / IP
  • Select “Add a printer using a TCP / IP address or hostname”.
  • Click Next.
  • Now enter your printer IP address and click Next.
  • For the IP address of the printer Please connect to the wireless router and look for connected clients or connected devices.
  • Here you can see the connected printer and see the IP address of the printer.
  • You can now use this IP to connect your printer.

How to Configure Brother USB Printer on Your Laptop

  • Connect your computer to the USB cable printer and open your Internet browser.
  • Download Now Setting the printer from the official Brother website Go to and enter your model number and select the product.
  • Download the printer driver and run the application.
  • Install the printer software and configure the settings.
  • Now add the printer to your computer.
  • You have a USB connection It should be printed now.
  • Print a test page and see if it worked.
  • All of these are easy and default tasks. If you encounter any problems while taking steps, without any hesitation, you can connect with us and discuss it with our Director.

The best tips to keep the printer running for long

Try printing something in color every two weeks; printing something in color will ensure that the print heads remain clean and free of jams.
Turn off the printer and turn it on once a week, turning it on will result in a slight startup cleaning, which keeps the print heads moist and jam-free.
Make a nozzle check pattern before starting a large print run, so you can verify that the printer is working well before starting a print run and shredding the paper.

Simple steps to connect your Brother printer to a WIFI network

Basic concepts

  • You will need to have the password and network name for the wireless network (this can usually be found behind the modem).
  • Make sure the printer and computer are turned on.

Configure your WIFI connection

  • Select the “menu” button (if you have a touch screen, select “Settings” or “Spanner & Screwdriver icon”, then select “All settings”).
  • Using the arrow keys, scroll down to “Network”, then press OK.
  • Select W-LAN.
  • Using the arrow keys, scroll down and choose “Configuration Wizard”.
  • Press OK (it may take a while searching).
  • Select the WIFI network (if you are prompted to “use WPS?” You can select NO).
  • Enter the WIFI password, then press OK.
  • You will be prompted to “apply settings?” Press 1 to select “YES”.
  • If the password is correct, a message will read “connected”.
  • An “ok connection” report will print automatically.

Brother printer chat support | Technical experts

You can always get help from qualified, certified and highly experienced experts to fix your Brother printer problems. It is the best way to get an instant and accurate solution. Here are some things that make the best technical assistance experts:

  • 24 * 7 availability for all our services
  • Free support number for the assistance number
  • Fast results for the latest and former printers
  • Certified and experienced professional available
  • Get the printer problem solved at home with the remote session
  • Friendly, safe and secure approach to provide assistance to our esteemed clients
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