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How To Fix Windows 10 not Recognizing Second Monitor Problems

In addition to the many resources available, a second monitor can be very helpful. However, in some cases, despite the fact that a second monitor is connected to the system, Windows 10 not Recognizing Second Monitor Windows can’t detect it and sense such a message – Windows 10 can’t or won’t detect a second monitor … Continue reading "How To Fix Windows 10 not Recognizing Second Monitor Problems"

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Google Assistant Not Working | OK Google

There may be several reasons why the Google Assistant on your device may not work as expected. But most of the time, the solutions turn out to be relatively easy. “OK Google Not Working”In this guide, we will see the corrections of the Google Assistant Not Working so that it returns to its normal operating … Continue reading "Google Assistant Not Working | OK Google"

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How to Recover PayPal Account Password

How to recover if you forget your PayPal Password If you forgot your PayPal password and You are looking for information to recover it, then you have come to the address. PayPal provides various password recovery methods, and a phone number is one of the recovery options for resetting a PayPal password. If you changed … Continue reading "How to Recover PayPal Account Password"

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How To Fix Google play store Download Pending Error?

The Google Play store is the default and most reliable source for downloading applications for your Android smartphone. But what happens when you cannot download applications? Google play store Download Pending Many Android users have complained about the “waiting for download” error that they see when they try to download their favorite applications to the … Continue reading "How To Fix Google play store Download Pending Error?"

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