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https://activate.apple.com | activate Apple TV

Apple TV is an HDMI-compliant source device that receives digital data for visual and audio content such as music, video, and video games. The user can control this device remotely, either by Siri Remote control device or Apple Remote. American technology company Apple has designed and marketed it. Apple TV is required to be connected … Continue reading "https://activate.apple.com | activate Apple TV"

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How To Get Siri Suggestions off on Lock Screen

Get Siri Suggestions Off Lock The screen on iPhone and Mac computer: If you want to rid of Siri Suggestions on your Apple iPhone But, this is an important feature of the Apple iPhone because it provides important notifications of a particular app when you drive a search on your iPhone and arrive in the … Continue reading "How To Get Siri Suggestions off on Lock Screen"

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iCloud Account Recovery | Reset iCloud Password

How to contact iCloud Account Recovery? iCloud is most widely used application for iPhone or Apple users. Every Apple users have to create an iCloud account for storing all data over the cloud storage. Creating an account is an easy process and takes few minutes. User need to create an Apple id and password that … Continue reading "iCloud Account Recovery | Reset iCloud Password"

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Why are iCloud Photos Not Downloading to PC

The iCloud platform has introduced the approach of optimum storage utilization; it makes our job of storing massive data possible. So, more than 90% of iPhone users now use the iCloud environment to store their documents, photos, videos, and other entertainment or study-related things. Storing these things directly on the device is an old-fashioned idea … Continue reading "Why are iCloud Photos Not Downloading to PC"

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