Gmail is not working on Android & iPhone

How to Solve, if Gmail is not working on Android & iPhone:

If you are facing difficulties to operate Gmail such as email is not receiving or sending, loading issues, syncing issues, or other if you are getting above mentioned similar kinds of issues and your Gmail not working. Don’t worry about it because here you will get real-time solving steps with a very easy manner so, just see the below following:


Check the App notification setting:

Gmail app notification can disable due the bugs and errors so before doing anything, firstly check the app notification. To get the procedure just see the below-presented steps:

·       Go your “Gmail” application on your android phone.

·       Then, click on the “Menu” option.

·       Pick the “General” option from the list.

·       Enable the “App Notification” and then, open your Gmail.

Clear cache from Gmail:

This is the primary issue where Gmail doesn’t work due to heavy cache and after applying this technique your search can end and you can get smooth Gmail on your android device. Just the clear cache method by following the steps.

·       Just click on the “Setting” icon on the android device.

·       Then, go to the “Application” option.

·       After then, scroll down and find the Gmail.

·       Then, select to the “Storage” option.

·       Finally, click on the “Clear Cache” button.

Moreover, users can easily clear the cache of Gmail and then, they can use the Gmail app, if Gmail not working on android then go to another solving technique.

Factory Reset to Your Android Device:

Factory reset provides the proper backup to your device including application. steps to fix your Gmail account so apply backup facility and then the maximum application can work with a very smooth manner so users must try this option for Gmail issues. Just go to the Setting > Back & Reset option> Factor date reset> Reset Phone.


Re-install the Gmail Application:

If your mail is not properly responding so it can be crash so you can uninstall the Gmail app and then install the new Gmail application. just see the following description about the re-installation:

·       Go to your iPhone “Setting” option.

·       Then, click on the “Gmail” application.

·       Finally, tap on the “Uninstall” button.

·       after then, go to your “Play Store”.

·       Write Gmail in the “Search Box”.

·       Press the “Install” button.

·       After then, restart your iPhone and then, use the Gmail application.

Thus, you can easily operate your Gmail after applying the above steps but after then, your Gmail not working on iPhone so go another solution.

Logout and Sign-in again Gmail account:

Users operate multiple Gmail IDs on a single Gmail application. For this reason, a particular id can crash so Sign-out and then sign-in is the best way to remove the issue from Gmail. Just see the full details below:

·       Click on three horizontal lines on your Gmail app.

·       Press on Email id and select the “Manage Account” Option.

·       Tap on “Google” Then, select your “Email id”.

·       Finally, click on “Remove Account”.

Restart Your iPhone:

If your Gmail not working on iPhone after lots of efforts so you can reboot your iPhone and then, open your Gmail application. Due to restarting, the device will be refresh and the application will work with any errors.

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