How To Fix Google Drive Error | Troubleshooting Steps

google drive troubleshooting

Google Drive Error Troubleshooting Steps

No need to panic ! if you are unable to locate a file in your Google drive, storage is full or facing any other error Having trouble using Google Drive is common.

As Google offers so many advantages there can be chances of getting stuck in some issue but need not worry; They can be due  to network traffic or system error. Google drive has provided easy to fix solutions to your problems.

Google drive
Google drive

how to fix Google Drive common Error issues

  • First of all make sure your network is working properly.
  • Error 502 This error comes when you load Google Drive and no file and documents are shown. Refresh the page for a quick solution and you may even click on ‘all items’.
  • In Wireless connection Google drive backs up itself and to make sure your backup data is loaded every time put your settings to Wi-Fi only. To do this on Google drive dashboard, on top right you will find ‘three dots lines’, tap on it and then select ‘ settings’, in ‘data usage’ select ‘transfer file only over WIFI’ Regularly Update your Google drive by going on to the App Store, go to ‘ my app and games ‘; look for google drive and if an update is available then please perform the action.
  • There are times that when your phone freezes up because of internal memory full of data , for this you need to clear your cache. To clear cache from Google drive on your android phone go to settings then manage applications; now look for Google drive and click on clear cache.
  • Relog in your registered Google account. For this open settings, find accounts, select Google, on three dotted lines and select remove accounts. Now add the account back and check if Google drive is responding.

Google Drive Error 404

Google Drive Error 404
Google Drive Error 404
  • Check in google drive trash bin to relocate your file, for this go to
  • if not in the trash bin then contact a google drive specialist.
  • For this Go to google drive help center. At Top left corner click on the menu and choose to contact us . Now choose your issue and the way of contacting a google account specialist.

Google Drive Full storage Error

Google Drive Full storage Error
Google Drive Full storage Error
  • If you are facing Google drive full storage error,
  • You need to go to google to cross check whether it’s really a tire age issue or one more trouble shooting problem. For this go to
  • Verify if you have shortage of storage if not then please upgrade it and if not then
  • Go to and try to upload any file and on upload don’t select ‘convert to google docs format’
  • If still the problem persists then try to delete some files from google drive trash .
  • If it still showing an error to sync then you can Report an issue to cloud HQ support
  • You can even report to google drive support if it’s not responding.

Get Back the Old Version of Google Drive File

Google file backup
Google file backup
  • Google stores all the history of changes made to any document or file. For Google files ( press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H)
  • You can even go to’ file’ in that to ‘version history’ and then to’ see version history’
  • Recover a Google Drive File That Has Disappeared
  • You may have deleted that file, for this you can always start by looking in the trash folder. If you find the file in trash right click on it and select restore.
  • Another way is to find your missing file, start finding it with keywords or dates as there are chances you save it in another folder or change its name.
  • If many people are using that file there are chances that one of them deleted it and with google drive it deletes the file for every one. For this you need to keep personal back ups. The administrator can see the file up to 30 days from the date of deletion you can ask them to assist you in restoring the missing file or document.
How to Use Google Drive Offline
  • For this you need to work in Google Chrome browser or google drive app.
  • On chrome go to settings, and check on Create, open and edit, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device while offline.
  • It will prompt you to download ‘google doc offline plugin’
  • On a computer it is accessible to one account per computer.
  • On your computer download google backup and sync and set up your account to keep yourself connected to the internet initially so that your files can be synced.

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