Google Plus Not Working, How To Fix


So why is Google shutting down Google+?

The social media website Google Plus was officially closed on April 2, 2019, giving Google+ time for backup data, backup before March 30, 2019. The reason is data breach and user leaks or spam comments and millions of spam links on Google+. So Google decides to close that service.

We lost 6 lakhs community members and many people lose site traffic from Google+, it was a big loss for Google, and the users who make money from the blog or website.

What if You can’t use Google+

If you use Google for work or school, your administrator controls whether you can use Google+ and post content. You may not be able to use Google+ if:

Google Plus Not Working
Google Plus Not Working
  • Your administrator disables Google+ for your account.
  • Your account does not have an active G Suite license.
  • You will not be able to post, comment or +1 on Google+.
  • You will receive an error message or notification when you try to post, comment or +1.
  • You may be able to delete the old content. Delete and manage your activity on Google+.
  • You may be able to delete your Google+ profile.
  • If your work is no longer a G Suite client, your Google+ profile and content will be deleted for you. This does not apply to schools that use G Suite for education.

Note: If your G Suite or Google+ account is suspended, access to Google+ may be blocked, and your content will be hidden and eventually deleted.

How to fix the Google Plus not working problems

Google Plus is the social networking site that has around thousands of active accounts, so there will certainly be many people using it to deal with a Google Plus issue that doesn’t work while working on the site. social for many reasons.

Here are some of the issues you may encounter while Google Plus is not active

  • Your webpage will not be displayed
  • The refresh button will not work
  • Sometimes a blank page will appear
  • You will not be able to click on the desired post
  • Sometimes, the other post you didn’t click will open directly
  • Reinstallation can be a problem
  • Only the deactivation option will appear

Google Plus customer support number

So, every time your application or server breaks down to try some of these methods to actively resurrect things, and also take into account these issues that exist in the article that shows that Google Plus is not working and your concern will be resolved if you cannot run the server or application on your phone or computer or laptop. Still having issues with Google Plus, then contact Google Plus customer support at any time, and experts will help you 24 * 7. | Reset Microsoft Account Password

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