How to fix an HP Printer Paper Jam Problem

hp printer paper jam

How to solve the problem of a paper jam inside an HP printer –

HP is one of the trusted and excellent brands all over the world and mainly, it’s known for laptop & printers. But, sometimes HP printer face lots of issues and the HP printer paper jam issue is the very primary issue in front of their users. If you are also facing a similar issue and want to know immediate assistance so you may directly contact the HP printer via call or follow the below-given troubleshooting steps where you may also fix the HP printer paper jam problem with very short time.

Causes of HP Printer Paper Error

Before we explore solutions, let’s take a look at the causes of HP card error. This error can be caused by the following reasons:

Due to the correct position: This is also the primary cause where users encounter errors due to the incorrect position of the paper.

Overweight of the paper tray: There is a limit decided given by the HP printer for the bunch of the papers but if someone keeps the overweight or overload of the paper so he/she can face the paper jam issue.

Due to the dust particles: If the paper or paper tray is not clean before printing so you are maximum chances for the stuck or paper jam error.

Therefore, you will get All solutions to fix the HP printer paper jam problem using the below-given troubleshooting instructions so just follow the step-by-step guide.

Steps To Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Problem:

Solution 1: Check the Input try for the jammed paper:

  • Power On your HP printer.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the printer.
  • Find the input tray and pull out the paper carefully.
  • After removing the jammed paper, just place it again in a normal position.
  • Re-connect the power cord with the printer.
  • Tap on the power button and try the printing process.

Solution 2: Clean the Feed Roller:

  • Power off to the HP Printer.
  • Pull out the input tray.
  • Find the roller and clean it with cotton. (Don’t use any liquid or acid)
  • Place into the right position.
  • Turn on the printer and perform the printing.

Solution 3: Reset the HP Printer:

  • Turn OFF the HP printer.
  • Disconnect all the power cords.
  • Wait at least one minute.
  • After then, re-connect all the power cords into the right position.
  • Keep the white paper into the paper tray and print the paper.

Solution 4: Clean Printer Rollers

Cleaning up the printer is also what they give you in making an HP paper error. Below we have described a 6-step procedure to clean them in the street way.

  • Remove all paper from the storage container.
  • Press the “Up arrow” next to “Set” and press “Ok”.
  • Press “I’m down” should be “Tools”, and press “Ok”.
  • Now, confirm “Clean feed card” and press “Ok”.
  • Wait until the print reader has finished cleaning it first and then launch it.
  • Try printing now.

Solution 5: Check Full Printer for Jammed Paper

Here we have a detailed solution for you to check the whole machine for a jam pack. Follow all the steps given below to clear the HP card error.

  • Press the “Resume” button on your HP printer. If you can still see the HP printout check, go to the next step.
  • Click the “Resume” button on your HP printer – how to get a resume from your HP printer
  • Open the back door of your HP printer.
  • Look in the machine for old papers.
  • Check the jar inside and pull out the old paper, if any.
  • Well, put the door back in its place and then press the “Resume” key in case you haven’t found a document that’s stuck in it.
  • Next, lift up the front of your HP printer.
  • Look for paper jam and gently pull it out.
  • Make sure the printing press is working properly.
  • For this, disconnect the power cord. Check or drive free transfer from side to side.
  • Roll the car three times in an upward direction with your fingers.
  • If the skis and carriages seem to stick as you drive them, check to see if the paper adheres to these areas.
  • Pull down the front of your HP printer.
  • Fill the paper tray with printed paper.
  • Then click and hold the “Resume” button.
  • Release the “Resume” button when you see an exam start page published.

Solution 6: Clear Paper Jam from the Back of printer

Paper jam should not be in the inner jar or stored. Your HP printer says paper jams can be improved by accessing the back of the device. See here how to clear paper jam from your HP printer via the backend space.

  • Look for an “Available” tab or button on the back of your HP printer. It may even be on the table.
  • Find and pull out the finished paper after removing the part.
  • Make sure there are no more pieces of paper.
  • Now, put the table in its original position.
  • Next, you will find a “Clean up” button at the end of the module. Press them to remove the section.
  • Look for the paper clock and clean it.
  • Then put the module back in its original position.
  • Now, click the button on the module.
  • Then open the module door.
  • Remove the sheet as well as the jammed paper, if any.
  • Close the module door.

Solution 7: Check the Front Cover:

It can also generate the paper jam issue or error where you have to check the front cover of the HP printer and place it repeatedly into the proper position.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of reasons you may have an HP printing paper jam or feeding problems. Common culprits include trash cans, thick printed paper, and small trash caught in ski feeds. The best way to solve a jammed paper diet is to focus on the exact cause of the problem.

Papers that are too thick will always cause dancing and feeding problems. Small particles of dirt, dust, or moisture found in the printer can also cause it to block. Be sure to keep the feeding rollers and your feeding tray in a safe condition.

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