How to Fix Google Home Keep Disconnecting Issues?


Google Home has ultra-smart, excellent and techno-geek features. It performs well when these smart speakers make you feel as if there is another mindful existence in your living room. It allows you to communicate with Google services using voice directions that say ‚ÄúOK Google‚ÄĚ and it listens. However, Google Home can sometimes stumble, so let’s see and how to fix them.

How to Fix Common Google Home Connectivity Issues

Many users have complained about WIFI dropping issues with their Google Home.  Are you facing this same issue of WIFI disconnecting from Google Home and Google Home Mini devices? Then you should know How to fix Google Home WIFI drop/disconnect issue? Thus, follow the below given below-mentioned solutions to fix the issue.

How to Fix Google Home Keep Disconnecting Issues
How to Fix Google Home Keep Disconnecting Issues

Reasons Google Home Keeps Disconnecting:

  • Wi-Fi interference issues
  • Connect Google Home to Wi-Fi issue¬†
  • Chromecast Wi-Fi overload issue¬†
  • Wrong location information
  • Wrong account credentials issue¬†
  • Google Home app latest version issue¬†
  • Router connection issue¬†

The Quick Fix to Resolve the Google Home Disconnect Issue: 

Unplug and Reboot Google Home

The simplest way and Quick fix to resolve Google Home disconnect issue on Google Home is to unplug and reboot your Google Home device. You just need to simply unplug your power cord from the Google Home device and after 2-3 minutes, plug the power cord back in. Then follow the steps now.

Step 1: First of all, confirm that your phone/tablet device is connected with a similar WIFI network as your Google Home.

Step 2: After that, you need to launch the Google Home app on your device.

Step 3: Next, go to the upper-left corner and tap on the “Hamburger” button, and then tap on Devices. Instead, you can directly upper-right corner of your phone/tablet and tap on the Devices icon, it will display your accessible devices.

Step 4: Now, you will be required to scroll to find the device card for the device you need to reboot.

Step 5: In the upper-right side of the device card, tick on Menu and then Settings.

Step 6: In the Device settings page, tap on More, and then Reboot.

Connect Google Home to Another WIFI Network

Here are mentioned simple steps to Connect Google Home to another Wi-Fi network. Thus, occasionally, this can resolve your problem. Therefore, you should need a strong WIFI network to run 2-3 Google Home devices and an equal number of phones and tablets to use smart speakers. Besides, one of your members may also have connected her/his laptop with the same WIFI network.

Start Again Router:

Sometimes, changing the Wi-fi network does not work as a result you may need to restart the router. Just try it takes less than a minute to switch off and switch on your router.

Reset Router:

You should go for resetting your Wi-fi router while restarting the router fails. Verify & press a small button to reset your router.

Rename Router:

You should verify the manual or user guide which came along with your router. You have to follow the instructions specified in your User guide to rename your WIFI router. 

Change Password:

Once more, you should see and take assistance from the user guide of your router. The procedure varies from one router to another.

Full Factory Reset:

In the last solution, you should go for a full factory reset of your Google Home from your device. Simply press & hold the Microphone On/Off button accessible on the back of this smart speaker. Just hold it for 20-25 seconds.

Then your Home device will tell you to go reset. Then continue holding the button and it will be reset to factory data settings.

Once your Google Home completes this rebooting process, then you can set it up once again.

Now you are done.

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