How To Get Siri Suggestions off on Lock Screen

Get Siri Suggestions Off Lock The screen on iPhone and Mac computer:

If you want to rid of Siri Suggestions on your Apple iPhone But, this is an important feature of the Apple iPhone because it provides important notifications of a particular app when you drive a search on your iPhone and arrive in the location meanwhile any user can learn how to use your devices & suggestions but if they all analysis has already done in your device so just turn off this feature because due to higher number of applications, Siri suggestion provides plenty of suggestions. So, if you are searching How to disable Siri Suggestions on iPhone so your search will end here because here you will complete steps where you can easily disable it. Just follow the below-given instructions.

How to disable Siri Suggestions on iPhone?

  • Turn on your iPhone and go to the settings.
  • Scroll down and hit on Siri and Search option.
  • If the toggle up (Enable) all options (Suggestion in search, Suggestions in Lookup, and Suggestion on the Lock screen) so just toggle off (Disable).

Therefore, you have easily disabled Siri Suggestions from the iPhone but, if you want to know How to Disable Siri Suggestions for All Apps so just follow the below presented another method where you can simply disable the Siri suggestions from all applications.

How to Disable Siri Suggestions for All Apps:

If you are facing a Siri suggestions problem on your iPhone application or particular app so it is difficult to find an application rather than, you can directly disable the Siri suggestions from the iPhone applications. Follow the steps:

  • Again, go to the settings of the iPhone.
  • This time, you have to select the Notification option from the list.
  • Touch on the Siri Suggestions.
  • Disable the Suggestions on the lock screen.
  • Now you are done!

Therefore, after applying the above-presented steps, just reboot your iPhone and check the Siri suggestion which will never come of any single application. But if you are realizing some Siri suggestions are important for you so you can learn How to Disable Siri Suggestions for Individual Apps where you can turn off the toggle in any particular application.

How to Disable Siri Suggestions for Individual Apps:

If you have found the particular application which is providing ultimate Siri suggestions to your iPhone so don’t uninstall the application rather than you can simply disable the Siri suggestion for that application via below mentioned steps.

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • Select Siri & search options.
  • scroll down & tap any application.
  • Check the show in search and suggest shortcut, learn from this app option are currently enabled so just toggle off.

Then, your selected individual application Siri suggestions have been disabled. If you are getting Siri suggestions on a Mac computer so don’t worry, you can also easily disable the from the Mac computer through some accurate steps.

How to Remove Siri App Suggestions on Mac?

Normally, Siri suggestions offer some accurate information on their mac computer but sometimes, it creates a burden on your computer and due to the lots of Siri suggestions can hamper or interrupt your important work. Due to this reason,  lots of people search How to Remove Siri App Suggestions on Mac so if you are one of them so just follow the below presented steps.

  • Open your mac computer and visit the system preferences from the menu bar.
  • Discover the Siri feature and select it from the row.
  • Check the box on the Enable Ask Siri option. (Situated lower-left corner).
  • Now, your Siri suggestion has enabled so go to the back from the system preference and reboot your computer.
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