How To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Email And Phone Number

How To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Email And Phone Number

Talking about Yahoo everyone knows that Yahoo is a well-known name in the world of internet. It is an IT company located in the US. Yahoo is known as one of the earliest players that introduced email and search engine services and made a mark in the internet world.

Yahoo has several apps in the market such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo entertainment, and so on. Yahoo is an internet portal that has a search engine. Yahoo search engine is one of the topmost search engines in the world. Similarly, Yahoo mail is also one of the most used email services.

The company was formed in 1994 in California, US and since then it has evolved with several developments over the years. Yahoo messenger once used to be a super popular chat service in the world. The best thing about all the Yahoo apps is that you just need one user id and password to access all of them.

You can use Yahoo on any browser and also on any smartphone or tablet. You can also download the Yahoo app on your smartphones and use them with ease.

How To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Email And Phone Number
How To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Email And Phone Number

However, the problem with a single user id and password is that if you forget your account password you will not be able to access any other app of Yahoo.

In such a situation the first thing you can try is to access Yahoo account through your app on your phone because there you don’t need to login and logout unless you want to do so. This keeps your Yahoo account open and active always. However, if you want to recover your Yahoo account password then you need to follow the required steps to recover Yahoo password.

Steps To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Email And Phone Number

  • Open your Yahoo mail account in a browser on desktop, laptop, or mobile phone or tablet.
  • Now try sign in.
  • Now you need to click on the “Forgot password” option.
  • You have two choices now. You can choose to receive Yahoo account recover code on your alternate email and/or phone number attached to the account and recover your Yahoo account password.
  • But if you don’t have an email id then you can use the phone number and if you don’t have a phone number then you can use email id to get the recovery code.

how to Recover Yahoo account password With security questions

But if you have none of the two then you need to exercise another option which is to answer security questions.

So, these are the steps to recover Yahoo password but now let us see how to recover Yahoo account password without email and how to recover Yahoo account password without a phone number.

  1. Open your Yahoo mail account.
  2. Now again try to sign in.
  3. Click on the “Forgot password” option.
  4. Yahoo while creating your account lets you set security questions and answer to that question.
  5. You can also add hints to remember the answer because quite often you tend to forget the answer.
  6. So if you have set the security questions and you remember the answer then recovering your Yahoo account is easy.
  7. Security questions list is shown to you or you can create your own new question also while creating your account or later on.
  8. Now you can choose to answer the security question’s answer and thus recover your Yahoo account easily.

This is how to recover the Yahoo account password without email and phone number.

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