How to Solve Google Translate Not Working problem

Google Translate Not Working

Do you use the Google Translate extension to translate a page or website? Then, you can easily read a website in your language. But sometimes, circumstances arise when Google Translate stop working whenever you try to translate. There may be several reasons behind this problem and you can simply solve it in simple steps. In this article, you’ll learn about the step-by-step process to fix the problem that doesn’t work with Google Translate Extension on your favorite browser.

How to fix when Google Translate is not working properly?

If your Google translation is not working well and you have done all the work needed to solve the problems, but you still have the same error, then this page is right for you, where you will learn the basic tips and tricks for managing the task instantly. In terms of technologies, most users make a mistake on the internet browser that is not able to function properly and does not respond to the same result you are looking for and offers the error to fix the error accordingly.

Let’s face it when Google Translate doesn’t work on Chrome:

  • You need to check out the Google translation webpage.
  • If you find that it is not working properly, you must go to the History button where you must delete all cookies and cached files to manage the task online.
  • Not only that, you can change the language to check whether or not it supports this language. So go to Google Chrome history if you use it on your device and select additional service bronze and go to the next button.
  • Select your Google Chrome browser and try starting Google Chrome and move on to the next one.

Google Translate extension doesn’t work:

  • First, make sure you are working on your very active active internet connection to access the Google Translate extension.
  • Delete unwanted cache and cookies from your browser, which may also be responsible for non-compliance with multiple extension issues.
  • Restart your device that can also help you solve this problem in a very simple and efficient way.
  • Check the Google Translate extension on any other browser to see if the problem is with the extension or browser.

Google Translate customer service

These steps can help you fix the Google Translate Extension Not Working problem very simply and if the problem persists then you can contact the Google customer service team for better help.

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