Why are iCloud Photos Not Downloading to PC

The iCloud platform has introduced the approach of optimum storage utilization; it makes our job of storing massive data possible. So, more than 90% of iPhone users now use the iCloud environment to store their documents, photos, videos, and other entertainment or study-related things. Storing these things directly on the device is an old-fashioned idea now, but there are situations when the iOS device users find it challenging to download the stored data from iCloud. However, this post is made to help you if you are among the victims. Let us discuss the possible troubleshooting for iCloud Photos Not Downloading to PC practices here.

Check out whether your iCloud storage has exceeded its maximum limit

You can quickly encounter the issue called iCloud photos not downloading if the iCloud storage is full. If the iCloud storage has exceeded its maximum limit, manage it in a manner that it can offer some space to you for the essential downloads. You may follow the given steps for deleting the older iCloud backups in order to manage the space for better results.

  • Open the Settings window and click on iCloud
  • A new window will open which will enable you to click on the Storage option
  • Then, you will have to select the Manage Storage option
  • Select the unnecessary backup from the list and click the Delete option
  • It will automatically increase the space in your iCloud storage
  • Disable the auto-backup feature
  • Open the Settings window and click on iCloud
  • The iCloud window will open
  • Here you will need to select the Storage and Manage simultaneously
  • Now you will see a list of apps along with their size details
  • Identify the apps that are bigger but unwanted – select those apps 
  • Find out the Disable option and select it
  • Disable it and get back to the ‘iCloud settings’ option
  • Then you are requested to click on the Photos icon from the iCloud settings
  • Here you will see three options as My Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Library, and iCloud Photo Sharing
  • Disable the iCloud Photo Sharing option for deleting the shared photos.

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Make your iCloud account sign-in again

iCloud account sign-in
iCloud account sign-in

An easy and highly recommended technique to deal with the concerned issue, i.e., iCloud photos not downloading, is to sign out and sign in again in the iCloud platform. In fact, it is recommended as a hassle-free retrieval process. To move with this, click on the sign-out option and sign in again. Enter the login credentials of your Apple ID and sign into the iCloud. Then, you are supposed to follow the necessary steps for complete retrieval.

Reset your iOS device

Reset your iOS device
Reset your iOS device

Resetting the iOS device is the last thing we would love to suggest to you. But yes, you need to make sure that the device has enabled the backup option before you are performing this action. Open Settings, select iCloud, Backup, and check out whether the feature is enabled. Simply reset it if the backup option is enabled.

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