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Recover Xbox Account

Xbox is one of the renowned video gaming brand which was introduced to the world in November 2001 by the well known Microsoft. Xbox itself has five gaming consoles which has its own features and games according to their version and generation.

Xbox being very popular among the growing youth, does add to the 80% population surfing the internet. Most of the internet surfers are looking for gaming, social networking or information centric studies.

Each of it has its own authentication rules and associated username and password criteria which makes the surfers life a bit tough if he or she forgets the credential, as its really tough to remember the password for each of the surfing site or tool.

Today we are here to help you with resetting or recovering the password of Xbox incase some forgets their credential to login. It could act as a guide for a novice in general.

Xbox password can be recovered or you can reset it however there are three scenarios. First you will have to find out the scenario in which you fall. I have mentioned three scenarios which might help you to reset Xbox account password.

  • Scenario I : If you remember your Microsoft email address and forgotten the password.
  • Scenario II : If you have forgotten your email address and remember the password.
  • Scenario III : If you don’t have any of these information ( like email address or password that you have used to login Xbox account).
  • Scenario IV : Reset password from console.

These are most common scenario that anybody would face if they have forgotten their credentials. Let me help you with each scenario one by one.

Let’s look at scenario I :

Recover Your Xbox password With Email Address

1- If you remember your email address and forgot your password to login into Xbox account, you can simply go to forgot password to reset the account.

  • Go to the link : Reset your password (
  • Once you are on this link, you will have to enter either your email address or phone number or skype name to proceed towards next step. Remember only one of these three is required to proceed.
  • Next is the verification of identify which would send a code to your number or email address registered.
  • You enter the code received and proceed towards next step
  • Now enter the new password which should be at least 8 character long which should be alphanumeric and also have special characters or symbols.
  • Remember it is case-sensitive, so be careful while you re-enter to confirm the password.

Reset Your Xbox password Without  Email Address

2-If you have forgotten you email address then the above mentioned scenario comes a little later as we have to reset the email address before the password.

  • Xbox console can help you find the email address by clicking on the Xbox button. It will take you to the guide.
  • Under Guides, look for Profile & system, and select Add or Switch, and then Add new. You will come to a screen where you can see link for “Forgot your account?”. Select that link.
  • For security reasons, you are asked to enter a phone number or email address associated with your account.
  • Enter the security code and you will see a list of accounts mapping to that phone or email address.
  • You can see only masked username there which shows only few characters of your username. Choose the one which is used for your account.

3- If you have forgotten all the credentials then first you need to verify your identity for Microsoft.

  • You can reset the password directly from the console if you know the email address or username. or else you will have to go for Microsoft account recovery which will allow you to reset the information in the Microsoft account.

4- If you want to reset it directly from console then click on sign in and enter the email address and click on forgot password. It will ask you to enter the captcha which will identify you as a human and not a robot.

  • Enter the phone number or email address as requested to receive a code. One you enter the code, you will receive a screen which will help you to reset the password.

So.. these the simplest ways to recover your password of Xbox.

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