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Zagrosjet phone number

Zagrosjet was an airline based in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Regional Government autonomous region, which operated regular international passenger and cargo flights.

The airline takes its name from the Zagros Mountains. Zagrosjet was established in October 2005 by the Zagros Group under the name of Zagros Air. He was licensed as an air carrier by the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation in June 2013 to perform scheduled and unscheduled passenger and cargo flights. In August 2013, the airline changed its name to Zagrosjet to avoid confusion with Zagros Airlines from Iran. Zagrosjet launched its flight operations in 2013 with a network covering destinations in the Middle East, Europe, and Turkey.

Headquarters: Erbil, Iraq
Founded: October 2005
Cessation of operations: March 2018
Fleet size: 1
Operating base: Erbil International Airport
Parent organization: Onur Air


There are limits to the weight and/or a number of pieces of luggage that can be registered or carried on board. Certain limitations and restrictions also apply, which may vary by country and airline.

Since passengers will not have access to checked baggage, we recommend that you carry all your travel documents, medications and valuables in your hand luggage, which will be with you throughout the flight. You should also remember to tag your checked baggage with your name and contact information.

The baggage allowance should be as the points below;

The luggage allowed for the economy class is 30 kg + 8 kg of hand luggage.
The luggage allowed for Business class is 40 kg + 16 kg of hand luggage (2 pieces).
The luggage allowed for a baby is 10 kg.
The luggage allowed for Interline flights is 20k + 8 kg of hand luggage.

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